lv present on a small budget.

  1. I would like to get my good friend her first lv item as a present but my budget is only 100 euros (that isn't a lot in LV-terms... I know).

    I know that she likes epi/vernis/damier and the colours red/brown/black/...

    A clés is an obvious choice but maybe there's some things I forget about?
  2. What about a bandeau or a scarf?
  3. A bandeau would be cheapest, and a scarf is lovely, but IMO the most practical that would get the most use would be a cles- I LOVE mine!
  4. I think a Cles or a Card Holder would be the most appropriate and useful choice...
  5. I agree the cles is the perfect choice. Very useful and budget friendly!
  6. I think a bandeau would be nice ! :yes:
  7. bandeau would be ideal...
    I think it's better from a small accessory!!
    Good're a good friend!
  8. the new vernis cles w/ nameplate. at $285, it's a win-win for sure!
  9. well I looked on the European site and it seems the mono/damier cles, porte-cartes simple, the business card holder, the muticles rabat or the older vernis cles are right around your price range. I know I would be absolutely thrilled to get any of those as a gift from a friend.
  10. The Cles is perfect! She will get tons of use out of it!
  11. How about a Denim Cles? It's something fun.
  12. good lukc and let us know..:tup: u r a good friend..:heart:
  13. Yeah I think clés really is the best choice. A bandeau is cute too but maybe not ideal as a first lv item...

    Now I'm debating if I should get the damier one (more usefull) or the pomme vernis one (more :drool:)
  14. If she loves "bling," the pomme vernis is beautiful. That said, if she wants to use it for a long time and have it be really durable and useful in terms of ease of getting things in and out and holding more items, unless you get the new more expensive large pomme one, the Damier is a much better value. While the new Pomme one is really pretty, it's large enough that it hits your leg while you drive (which drove me nuts and I returned mine). I bought a plain ole' mono cles and I just love it.