LV preference in Japan?

  1. Does anyone know if epi is more popular in Japan or if it is favored more there compared with the other lines? I am constantly browsing epi speedy bags on eBay and a couple of Japanese location sellers seem to have an endless supply of epi speedy and noe in all different colors. I was even trying to see if it was the same bag being relisted, but no, they have different date codes. Just wondering if anyone has the scoop!
  2. I can't speak for Japan, but I know that the Epi Noe and mono (not Epi) Speedy are really popular in Taiwan. I always see college-age girls with their Noes worn crossbody.
  3. From all the pix I see, I'd say that Mono is the most popular. I dunno about epi, but if you're talking about epi's popularity in comparison to the west, then I'd say Japan.
  4. on my last 2 trips to japan i hardly saw epi. lots of mono though.
  5. The Japanese adore their monogram bags and the kawaii of the MCs too. Don't know about Epi, but as long as it's LV, there defn is staunch support there.
  6. Monogram canvas is most popular in Japan. Saw quite a few the last time I was there.
  7. I bet that's super cute worn that way! Never really thought of it. Is it with an additional strap or does the Noe strap go across body?? I have only owned a mini Noe and it barely fits over the forearm. lol
  8. Mono and MC line are really popular in Japan.
    I see alot of these two lines in the japanese fashion magazine like vivi, JJ and camcam.
  9. eeee... you guys know so much!!!

    i'm japanese, born and raised....but i've been here in the US too long and can't help you guys~~~ sorry!

    but i remember when i was younger, lots of my friends had epi wallets......
  10. From their magazines like JJ, looks like Mono and Damier.
  11. Mono, MC, are the two dominate lines of LV in JP, Damier is catching up the popularity w/recent lease of Azur, Vernis is also another hot topic in JP now.
    Regular Noe can be worn across body on most petite Asian girls.....obviously not me :crybaby:
  12. I think monogram is the most popular in Asia.