LV Pre-Fall RTW (PICS)

  1. Hi Everyone,

    I came across these pics online...and thought I might share. Not sure if these have been posted yet, so let me know. Most if the pics are of RTW and only two bags were shown. Enjoy! Lemme know what you all think. I have a feeling I will love the F/W collection more so than Spring. These seems to be more my style. Enjoy!:smile:

    Cant wait till March 4th!!!!!:yahoo:
    bag1.jpg bag 2.jpg bag 3.jpg bag 4.jpg bag 6.jpg
  2. I'm not crazy for most of the RTW, but it looks ok overall! Nothing will top off the Women's S/S '06 show... :supacool:
  3. uuggh... I just really :heart: LV rtw.... Just not enough $$$:crybaby:
  4. I thought Spring was very fun and fresh...but most of the pieces I don't think I could pull off everyday. I think this line is more wearable for me. When I went to the trunk show and saw the spring pieces on the models...they were drop dead gorgeous! I could wear the stuff to a garden part of somthing!

    I'm just totally sporting opaque tights and heels look right now. I love it. it's so cold and gloomy here in Sf anyways. I guess we'll just have to wait for this weekend to see what Marc has come up with, hope he doesn't disappoint!!!:yes:
  5. more pics....
    bag 5.jpg LOUIS%20VUITTON%20Pre-Fall%202007%20Womens%20Ready-to-Wear%20Collection%20(1)_640x480.jpg LOUIS%20VUITTON%20Pre-Fall%202007%20Womens%20Ready-to-Wear%20Collection%20(2)_640x480.jpg LOUIS%20VUITTON%20Pre-Fall%202007%20Womens%20Ready-to-Wear%20Collection%20(4)_640x480.jpg LOUIS%20VUITTON%20Pre-Fall%202007%20Womens%20Ready-to-Wear%20Collection%20(5)_640x480.jpg
  6. more!!!
    LOUIS%20VUITTON%20Pre-Fall%202007%20Womens%20Ready-to-Wear%20Collection%20(6)_640x480.jpg LOUIS%20VUITTON%20Pre-Fall%202007%20Womens%20Ready-to-Wear%20Collection%20(12)_640x480.jpg LOUIS%20VUITTON%20Pre-Fall%202007%20Womens%20Ready-to-Wear%20Collection%20(11)_640x480.jpg LOUIS%20VUITTON%20Pre-Fall%202007%20Womens%20Ready-to-Wear%20Collection%20(9)_640x480.jpg LOUIS%20VUITTON%20Pre-Fall%202007%20Womens%20Ready-to-Wear%20Collection%20(8)_640x480.jpg
  7. Thanks! I like the look of these items so much better, the Spring just didn't do it for me unfortunately.
  9. Thanks for posting..

    Anyway, I have no feeling about the bag.. :shrugs:
  10. thanks for posting the pics!
  11. [​IMG]

    I don't see me working this into my Engineering wardrobe...
  12. :roflmfao: true true...but I want that sweater!!!!!!!
  13. Will the show be on TV???

  14. hi karman, not that I know of but for sure it will be covered on
    Karen kooper is also on her way to paris this week so I'm sure she'll have some great coverage on it!!
  15. Awww...:sad: If only...
    Can't wait to see the pics after, though!