LV Pre-Fall 2019

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  1. I am not usually keen on these overly cute designs but there’s something really interesting about this new pochette . I wonder if the chain is long enough to wear the pouch crossbody? But I am not sure if I am young enough to pull this one off. :P
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  2. I purchased the empreinte one which is more subtle and the chain is long enough to wear crossbody
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  3. Just curious—how tall are you? I’m tall and find a lot of LVs are too short crossbody......
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  4. Hi I’m 5’6”
    It hit at a pretty decent length.
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  5. Thank you so much for the pic! That really helps! Can you fit sunglasses in it? your phone? Just curious.....
  6. The Apple plus size phone fits - I place it inside the pouch with the card slots and cash and that’s about it.
    Then on the other side I am able to fit car key, a travel size hand lotion, 2 lippies and small gum pack and that’s about it.
    The middle pocket is tight - I thought my phone would fit between the two pouches but it does not.
    Sunglasses - definitely not - the pouches are very flat.
    The cles doesn’t even fit between the two pouches without looking over stuffed.
    Hope that helps good luck with your decision.
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  7. Hi Melfontana! Thank you so much for the pictures! So so nice of you! This is very helpful!!!!
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  8. His is soo cute and gorgeous. Nice spring summer run around bag. Thanks for sharing
  9. You are never too old. If you like it and it suits you then it’s sold! Age is just a number and anyone can wear any bag. Just rock it and own it. I’m sure it will look amazing on you! Go for it!
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  10. Totally agree!! Never too old!
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  11. I'm so confused, what the heck is this??

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  12. This is called a beach pouch
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  13. Ok. Why is there a hole in it? You're just supposed to roll up a towel and stick it in?
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  14. What hole? There’s no hole, it’s made to be transparent
  15. I had to LOL