LV Pre-Fall 2019

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  1. Savage. :lol:
  2. What is the name/price of this bag? And release date?
  3. I don’t have dimensions, it doesn’t come with strap...handle is about as long as neverfull. Price is €1680
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  4. I think it said February on Instagram. Sorry, no other info.
  5. Thank you so much for the additional info~! :heart:
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  6. Jacket for Pre-Fall.
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  7. Would love more info on this stunner! Anyone know name & price?
    Screen Shot 2019-01-28 at 8.24.47 PM.png
  8. It's the Dauphine belt bag. It's part of spring/summer if you want to check that thread. Price should be around €1680.
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  9. Thanks found the thread!
  10. Mini Lin looks to be making a comeback. Credit to foxylv. Not quite sure if this is S/S or F/W.
    foxylv - BtOxr-ChxiY.jpg
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  12. easy to wear day or night : POCHETTE DOUBLE ZIP Blooming Flowers Monogram - M63905 - 650€/$955
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  13. :nuts::graucho:
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  14. When will this be available?
  15. It can now be seen/ noticed MILES away!
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