LV Pre-Fall 2019

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  1. From Nicolas Ghesquiere's IG.
    nicolasghesquiere - BslYNiHl1UM.jpg

    Lea Seydoux is one of the faces from the @louisvuitton prefall 19 portfolio. Stay tuned to discover all the looks tomorrow.
  2. It looks that the classic vernis is back...PM trunk looks really awesome! Btw. the earrings...!
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  3. That dress is the bomb. Beautiful.
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  4. I know, I still have a lot of Christmas cookies...for that dress I should start going to the gym like 2 years ago...:lol:
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  5. Wow ! That Petite Malle in vernis is just stunning :loveeyes:
  6. That dress is stunning.
  7. Love this dress too. Credit on top of picture. The full collection is on Instagram now.

  8. Thandie Newton
    nicolasghesquiere - BsnJy3Il51Y.jpg
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  9. Michelle Williams
    nicolasghesquiere - BsnT3saFJW6.jpg
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  10. Alicia Vikander
    lvj12 - BsnS8aNAVne_BsnS8WDgUzh.jpg
  11. Chloe Grace Moretz
    lvj12 - BsnS8aNAVne_BsnS8WBgnJL.jpg
  12. Doona Bae.
    lvj12 - BsnS8aNAVne_BsnS8WCglQl.jpg
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  13. Indya Moore
    lvj12 - BsnS8aNAVne_BsnS8WCA2zF.jpg
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  14. Jennifer Connelly
    lvj12 - BsnS8aNAVne_BsnS8V_g9sp.jpg
  15. Kelela
    lvj12 - BsnS8aNAVne_BsnS8WAg_ND.jpg