LV pouchette, practicality?

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  1. I have a louis vuitton pouchette tikal. not sure, but youre probably familiar with it, if not i can post a picture...

    Im having trouble justifying the practicality of this, what to put in it. :\
  2. is that the really small one?
    if it is then vista has it. i think its really cute for those times when all you need is your phone and some money
  3. I use mine to carry my cell phone, cash, and some cards. Its really easy to grab when you don't need everything in your purse.
  4. i use mine for nights out. but you can also use it as an organizer inside a bigger purse?
  5. I love my pochette's. I actually have 2 of them. A black Epi and a mono that I also bought a long mono strap for so I can wear it across the body if I want.

    I use them to organize my purse and I also use them as a small clutch when I do not want to carry a large purse.
  6. I have the mini pochette which is really small...I use it for my camera.
  7. i think it would be good for a quick trip somewhere, or as a little organizer or makeup bag
  8. What size do you have of the Tikal?
  9. I don't know about the Tikal, but I have the regular sized pochettes from various lines. I like using them as small shoulder bags when I go out and don't need to carry much.
  10. We went on a cruise in may with my mom's couisn & she used it as a wallet & to carry her cell phone so she didn't have to tote her purse on the islands. She fit money is the front pouch & a pack of ciggs, a razr, and a few other small things in the big part. + it was easy to carry on her wrist.
  11. I have the T&B mini, and I use it when I don't feel like carrying a big bag.

    I carry my cell, DL, CC, cash, lip gloss and keys in it.