LV Pouchette Metis or PS1 Medium?


Jun 25, 2013
Hi all,
I'm looking for a sleek handbag that has multiple interior compartments. I've decided either the PS1 in medium or the LV Pouchette Metis. Which do you recommend?

I tend to carry a lot of stuff, but am willing to parse down what I carry and need something that is not too big so that I can take it to restaurants etc. But, it can't be too small that it becomes useless to me. At minimum I carry a large wallet, sunglasses, eyeglasses, puffer, hand sanitizer, hand lotion, small bottle of glasses cleaner, tissue, small perfume, lip gloss, lipstick, house and car keys, powder compact, and facial mist. I'll also be traveling to Monaco and would like to use the bag for my vacation.

LV Pouchette Metis
-smaller but can it fit everything listed above?

PS1 Medium
-larger, but too large?
-less sturdy



Handbags 4 Life
Jun 15, 2014
I don't know that much about the PS1 medium tbh, but it looks a little bit bigger than the PM. I have the PM I think it is a great cross body bag! It is a bit smaller but I think it looks chic. The PS1 medium strikes me as more of a messenger bag and therefore, a slightly different style.

For the PM - With all the items you mentioned I think you would have to downsize you wallet to a compact one (a full size wallet takes up a majority of the middle compartment) and you could either use a mini pochette or TP 15 to fit your cosmetic and miscellaneous items. Your sunglasses would also have to be compact enough to fit. I think you could get everything to fit in the PM, but it's just about the placement of the items.

In comparison, I think your items would fit in the PS1 with no problem since it is a bit bigger. It looks like it would actually work better for flight/travel purposes and the PM is good for daily shopping outings if that makes sense.
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Mar 26, 2015
i don't know anything about the ps1. i would just add something about weight, if that matters. the PM isn't really a light bag imo. i have the canvas version but it can get heavy to carry crossbody once stuff goes inside, and i pack very light. it can fit everything you mentioned in your post, but some items would need smaller cases though (like the wallet). i like that the PM can be carried multiple ways, but because of the weight i usually hand-carry it. if you resell/tire of your bags the PM is a far better choice as well.


Mar 27, 2007
I had the ps1 in medium and loved the bright blue color and the quality of the leather but the thing weighed a ton! Literally with just my wallet and phone I couldn't go shopping even though it was like 80% empty because it hurt my shoulder.

I just got a reverse pm but haven't used it yet so can't say anything about that yet.


Nov 7, 2015
I have 3 PS1 bags and LOVE them! I considered the PM but preferred the leather and slightly larger size of the PS1. I do not find them heavy and can be worn with a shorter (PS knot) or longer strap. My torso is too long for this to be a true cross body. I love all the compartments and quality. The colors are fun too!


Jason W
Aug 27, 2011
Perth, Western Australia
I think for the all the stuff that you can carry, the PS1 Medium sounds like the one for you.... Mind you I am not sure about the medium size, but I used to have the Large PS1 and you couldn't wear it cross body, it was shoulder carry only. Also you need to keep in mind the QC issues that the PS1 faces. For example the screws falling off, if you get the black hardware, the black will rub off to reveal the plain silver hardware, etc. (that is what happened to my one so once I got it all fixed, it was off to the reseller sites) and for a $2000+ bag, I was very disappointed - however, that was a few years ago and I am not sure if they have improved their QC issues. I hope my honest opinion helps you decide as the Pochette Metis would definitely not have screws falling off or hardware rubbing off, etc. but with what you must carry the PS1 does sound like the best bet for you :smile:
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Aug 20, 2008
Well I have them both and love them both. But if you want more structure go for the PM. The PS1 is slouchy bag. Both are beautiful.

I would look at it as a business decision to break the tie. The LV PM has the best resale value - the PS1 will only get you 50% back on the resell market. The LV PM will hold its value and appreciate. I do get bags that I love that don't have resale value -Alexander Wangs, Marc Jacobs and PS1 -but I know It's for me. I consider LV a good investment. Chanel is too but I never caught on to that bug.

But in the end you must get what you love -but if you needed a reason to push you over to one -this may be it.


Jan 22, 2012
San Francisco, CA
PS1 Medium holds A TON of stuff. It's super roomy on the inside, and is big enough to hold an iPad. It's also pretty lightweight (thought not when you stuff it full).

I had some issues with discoloration/darkening of the leather on mine, so I decided to sell mine, but it was great while I had it. I also realized that I generally was paring down what I was carrying on a daily basis, so smaller bags were working better for me. When I was in my mid-20s though, I really did enjoy the bag!


Oct 22, 2009
Both are great!! I have a PS1 it's a lot spacious than the PM and many compartments. However, if you can only choose one I'd say PM : )