LV pouch that ties around the waist

  1. Hi everyone!

    I saw someone wear a LV monogram pouch that ties around the waste. It was the cutest thing. Perfect when speed walking....:shame:

    Does anyone know what it is?
    Or if it comes in other lines?

    Thank you!
  2. I just saw one on e-bay from one of my fave my poupette sellers. really cheap. I think it was $249.00. I'll try to find it again for you.
  3. arg. I think they sold it. anyway it is called the pochette florentine.
  4. Pochette Florentine,
    You can get it off of elux for $200


    It has loopholes but the belt that matches is also about $200, $180 to be exact...


    but you can use it with other belts if you want.
  5. i have one... i don't really get to use it often coz it's so small! But i still love it!! :smile:
  6. Thank you guys~
    Is that the only one?

    The one I saw looked more like a pouch (With some volume) than a wallet.....

    Maybe it was a fake!!
  7. There's also the "Twin" which is like the florentine's larger sister.

    If you're looking for a waist bag, there's also the lovely discontinued epi rochelle. There are 2 on eBay right now.. it's a tad small though.
  8. when I was browsing an LV store last year?? or 2 years ago...
    all the SAs that day was wearing one !!
  9. All the SAs used to have to wear one, I saw a SA florentine up on eBay before and it had a special stamp inside that said not for sale.. those sellers certainly ignored that !
  10. I bought that pouch and belt for quick errand running in the city and so that I could be hands free. I kept on exchanging the belt from medium to large, I coudn't decide what fit better. If you don't have the belt sitting firmly at your exact waistline, the pouch slants forward, which looks goofy and it annoying. I wanted the pouch to sit low on my waist and could never get it now I just use the pouch as a wapity.
  11. I think they have a damier one that is bigger but not at all cute....

  12. I was just about to say that. Or actually, in the store I go to, all the SAs wear it.
  13. I think I need one...
  14. Ooh db89, minicoop I've never seen a SA wear one!! Maybe they did but I never paid attention because of other goodies..... I'll make sure to pay more attention next time.

    Thanks Sappho, Ayla, I shall look into the damier one if it's a bit bigger.. (I don't own any damir lines, maybe this could be the one.. LOL)
  15. I have the pochette florentine, I don't have the belt though, I use i as a clutch. I may eventually get the belt.
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