LV "pouch" for Blackberry Curve?

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  1. Hi ladies :smile:

    I've been lurking for EVER, admiring all your beauties. I have a question now, hoping someone could answer.

    Which LV "accessory" would properly hold a Blackberry Curve? I;m looking to buy an LV but desperately need some kind of BB carry case (and love the look of all matching LV). I typically carry it in the "spy" compartment of my Fendi Spy, so its easily reachable and protected with all the lining in there.

    I'm thinking of a perf. Pochette Cles?

    Any recommendations? :shame:
  2. I use my wapity for my curve.



    it holds a bunch of other stuff too.
  3. Someone had posted about the mono telephone case MM which fits the new iPhone 3g. I haven't seen it IRL but I'm hoping it also fits my Curve and the Bold/Javelin which is supposedly coming out next month...

  4. Oh, i hadn't even thought about that one! Does it really fit the curve?
  5. I think this is called a mini pochette and it will definitely hold a blackberry curve.


  6. Hm, that's interesting. I just looked up the Curve measurements and i got "Dimensions (H x W x D) 4.2x2.4x0.6 in. " (from
  7. Pochette Mila!
  8. Great question... I was wondering the same thing cuz I'm thinking of getting a Blackberry curve! Never had one before, though.
  9. Love your blackberry and wapity too.. :supacool:
  10. it kinda fits in the rabat cles. Easy in, easy out. However, when you snap it closed its a little tight

    The rabat cles def holds the old and new iphone perfectly
  11. Try the Tulum :smile:
  12. I have a curve and a pearl. I would love some cases for both.
  13. maybe that cles with the zipper that turns the corner...the trunks and bags one?

  14. Once you go Crackberry, you dont go back. Seriously, it's amazing.
  15. yeah - I'm thinking about getting a gold one too :supacool: