LV post it notes

  1. No, they've been around for awhile now.
  2. what are they under. i cant find themm..
  3. ^never mind. i found them! so cute!
  4. Now those are really cute.
    I may have to pick some up!
  5. I like cute!
  6. Yes around for a while they are cute!
  7. I am assuming the OP is referring to the sticky notes agenda refill? They are definitely cute.
  8. Those are cute!
  9. where are they guys??
  10. They are nice, I asked about them few time at stores and they could't find it...
  11. I have them and love them!
  12. Wow - how sweet, I have never seen them before:graucho:
  13. I have some for my small agenda...very handy to have around!
  14. Yup, they've been out awhile but they're cute: