Lv Popincourt Or Marc Jacobs Daria Bag

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  1. Hi. Im currently thinking about buying the LV popincourt but then I saw the MJ Daria bag. And now i just can't decide. I everyday dresscode is casual with a hint of fashionista. I need the bag to hold my Motorola Slvr, Canon DC, kleenex, maybe a tiny wristlet with money and credit cards inside, compact, and lipgloss. I am totally torn please help me. :sad2:
    p10825997_ph_hero.jpg BGV6475_mn.jpg BGV6484_mn.jpg
  2. Marc Jacobs!
  3. :biggrin: Which color?
  4. I just LOVE Marc Jacobs
  5. MJ Daria in White
  6. I'd opt for the MJ Daria, it's charming and classic......and I see Lv Popincourts (both real and phony) all over the place. Can't recall the last time I saw someone carrying a Daria...
  7. Popincourt - it just looks too cute!
  8. I vote for the Popincourt.... it will take you through all the seasons and keep its value! :biggrin:
  9. I think I prefer the Marc Jacobs. I love the little outer pocket. I like LV but I'm not as fond of this bag for some reason.
  10. Marc Jacobs! It's a unique bag, and you probably won't have anyone saying, "nice bag-is it real?????"
  11. Hahaha :nuts: that is so true. Everyone always assume Im carrying a fake bag because my family income isn't that good. But they don't know that I actually work to buy my bags. And when I carry sumthing that is doesn't scream designer. They feel bad becuase they think I can't afford it. :suspiciou
  12. LV if you want a bag to use all year round. Marc if you don't care about that because its so cute!
  13. my vote for the MJ too - much more classy than the LV
  14. The Daria is wonderful. I am sure you have some "practical" bags to balance the purchase? I'm not usually a metallic kind of girl, but I am really liking this one!
  15. in this case, the daria in white. i only like the popincourt haut.
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