LV popincourt haut!

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  1. hi ladies:smile:
    This is my first post after lurking for awhile! yeah!
    I am in the market to purchase my first LV next week, and i want to be ready with which one i want so it wont take all year:smile:

    I was currently thinking of the popincourt haut, mainly because of the shape, its too cute! what i am looking for is a smallish tote-big enough for my planner, a book, mail, maybe some snacks.

    Is this bag the right size? i dont want it to be too big and obnoxious.
    Thanks gal! i value your input
  2. It sounds like it matches what you're looking for. It's a really cute and practical bag! : )
  3. Also to add, I am glad I am not the only one who carries snacks around. My sister cracks up because I refuse to carry a pen in my bag but I will have an opened bag of hot chips.
  4. LOL, your not the only one, I carry those little debbie banana twins! :rolleyes:
  5. thanks ladies!
    Oh yeah, i always have snacks with never know when you might get hungry. all hail the fig newtons
  6. Hahaha. I suddenly want a snack.
  7. popincourt haut has been next on my list for a while now.... i have heard negativity about the straps. have you heard that they're a pain in the a**?
    i really love the shape!
  8. i have this bag and it's a really great bag :yes:. the straps are not a pain at all. they're very comfortable and easy to carry.
  9. i love my poppincourt haut...just the right size for everyday use :yes:
  10. love love love the shape of the poppincourt haut. it looks so chic as a shoulder bag.
  11. I have this bag, too. It's really cute and not too obnoxious. I don't have a problem with the straps at all. I think it's super cute and functional and a great everyday bag. It was my first lv, so it will always be special to me. Good luck, hope you get one!
  12. the popincourt haut your favorite shoulder bag? I know that you have the BH has well and wondered which do you prefer using? Which do you get more compliments on...eventually I need a shoulder bag and these two are my favs...thanks
  13. I checked out the popincourt haut yesterday and it is a really cute bag, but a lot smaller then I thought it would be. BUT, for what you are saying it sounds like it would work for you. It would easily fit everything you just mentioned. Good luck. Make sure you take pictures of your new bad once you get it.
  14. Hey it a lot smaller than the speedy 30? That is what I have to compare it to....thanks
  15. I am torn between the Popincourt haut and the BH...which do people like more of the two??? I love the fact that the popincourt zips closed.