LV Pomme D'Amour Heart Purse

  1. Just wanted to share my excitement :yahoo: Yesterday I picked up my beautiful Pomme D'Amour Heart Purse. I'm so in love :heart: It's a beauty! I also picked up another bubble ring in Rose to add to my bubble collection (shown in the last picture). Pics are attached.
    IMG_5315.JPG IMG_5317.JPG IMG_5321.JPG IMG_5327.JPG
  2. Congratulations! :yes:
  3. LUCKY DUCK!!! it looks FAB! CONGRATS!
  4. Pomme hearts blows my mind every single time I see it.
  5. beautiful!! welcome to the pomme heart club!! :wlae:
  6. Nice goodies, I love the Bubble ring.
  7. Congrats! Lovely purse!
  8. congrats
  9. Gorgeous! Congrats on the new lovely additions :smile:
  10. Love your bubble collection and the heart.
  11. Very pretty.
  12. Pretty- Congratulations
  13. Its so cute. Congrats!
  14. Congratulations! I love that Pomme heart! I'm still waiting for mine! Lucky you!
  15. Congrats!!!