LV Poll Which one would you BUY?


Which one would you BUY?

  1. Baggy GM Olive, Blue, Fuchsia

  2. Ellipse Moyen Modele

  3. Alma MC Black

  4. Manhatten GM

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. New Louis What Next? :flowers:

    Baggy GM in Olive, Blue or Fuchsia
    Ellipse Moyen Modele
    Alma MC Black
    Manhatten GM
  2. The Alma MC Black. That is a Icon bag in a cute print!
  3. Manhattan GM. I love mine.
  4. MAnhattan GM :love:
  5. hands down, Manhattan GM
  6. Manhattan GM. Love it & want it too.
  7. Manhattan GM is so FAB!!!