LV Pochettes

  1. I wanted a Damier Accessoires pouchette (not the Navona) but the SA said that they don't special order them anymore cause LV makes the Navona. Anyone know if this is true or is this SA just being mean to me?
  2. I saw one from a my poupette on ebay...not sure if it is still there but i will look...not sure whether it has stopped being made or not...
  3. i have them both and they are very similar only that the base of the navona is not the damier canvas but just the dark brown? and i agree the accessories pouch is really gorgeous.

    if you were to special order it, the price would be about the same as the navona.

    i don't see why you can't special order the accessories pochette in damier if you wanted though.
  4. You could also try the Damier Trousse. It's a wee bit roomier than the Navona IMHO.
  5. The SA is just being a PITA.

    Just curious though, why not the Navona? It's the same size as an acessory pochette...?
  6. I thought the Navona WAS a damier pochette exactly like the mono one.
  7. The Navona has a chocolate Vachetta strip that carries down sides and bottom, and does not have the "made in" tab connected to the strap on the outside...while a Special order one is like a Mono Pochette with the canvas down the sides and WITH the "made in" tab outside...

    I've asked this to someone I knew with one, and they said they prefer the Damier canvas down the sides

    Hope this helps...
  8. i think the navona can fit a little more than the accessories pochette though.

    but yeah some people prefer the canvas down the sides as well whereas the navona doesn't have that. this is the first time i've seen the special ordered damier accessories pouch and i honestly prefer that to the navona.

    maybe i should have special ordered instead
  9. I like the way the accessories pochette looks when it "sags" and since it's in the Damier, it won't ever look old. Also, I just don't like the Navona cause of that strip. It looks off to me.