LV Pochette Twin

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  1. [​IMG][​IMG]

    What do you think of this bag? I have some gift certificates I need to get rid of. I'm not sure if I will carry it across the body, as I'm only 21's just too hardcore Asian for me (I'm Chinese). :lol: But I thought it was neat that I could carry it as a clutch (removable strap), and maybe I can use it as an accessories pouch inside my Speedy.

    Does anyone have this bag or has anyone tried it on before? I want to know whether or not it can be carried on the shoulder when the strap is doubled up.
  2. i just wanted to say, i think this bag is quite cute!!! I'd use it as a clutch.

    ps, by all means i know what you mean when you say its hardcore asian! LOL! :smile:
  3. better than the pochette!
  4. i like it as a clutch, but i'm not into the strap
  5. Hah ! Me three.

    I really like it as a clutch actually, and it's far more reasonable in pricing than the (gorgeous) shirley. I actually kind of wish that I had bought this instead of the pochette accessories. Don't forget, you could also get a belt and wear it florintine style like all of the Louis Vuitton SAs had to in the past !
  6. ^That's funny, because today I ended up getting the pochette accessoires instead!

    The new wallet I bought yesterday is a compact wallet (think thick) and when I tried to fit it in the Pochette Twin, the flap would't close properly. I still want this clutch sometime in the future, but my main concern right now is protecting my white wallet while it's in a large purse with other junk. So that's why I bought the accessories pouch.

    Thanks for your help ladies, I'm definitely getting this, but later when I run into more cash.
  7. Err, I don't really get it. :shame: :shrugs: Care to enlighten me, anyone? :sweatdrop: :P
  8. dont worry. im an asian too. i dont thing its too hardcore.


    and this bag is gorgeous.!
  9. But why is it even considered hardcore asian? :shrugs: I have never really thought it that way, so would like to know why it is perceived that way by some. :P
  10. I think it's gorgeous..... Either as a clutch or with the straps on I think it rocks.
  11. I had this bag before, both PM and GM. It's cute but you can't fit too much because it's rather flat. I think you can put more in a accessory pochette. Supposedly you can wear the twin pouch as a waist pouch as well. However this look works if the bag is not too stuff. There are supposed to be 5 ways to wear this, (1) as a clutch, (2) longer strap to wear across the body, (3) loop the strap around but one side tightly on top of the bag to make it a shoulder bag, (4) loop the straps, double them up as a handbag, and (5) as a waist pouch.

    I am not sure if I am explaing 3 and 4 properly...
  12. why can't they make this in damier? then..the straps won't patina...

    this is cute though! and cuz i'm asian, i know exactly what u're talking about
  13. Err, care to explain? I'm dying to know! :P
  14. you should get it! I have one in the pm size and it is perfect for just carrying the essentials...mind you, it is quite small. but I love the versatility of the bag and the fact that you can carry it three different ways...if you go under the Visual Aides Thread you can see my postings of what fit inside and myself modeling the bag...hope this helps....and btw...I don't think carrying it messenger style is hardcore asian...its no big deal...I'm asian...
  15. hardcore asian.....