LV Pochette Twin GM: Does anyone have this purse?


Dec 2, 2005
Yay! My first post ;D


I am looking to purchase either a Pochette Twin GM (the PM is just too small) or Pochette Accessories, as well as a Speedy 25. My question is, does anyone have the Pochette Twin GM? What do you think about this purse? If possible, can you post a picture of yourself with it? I'm not sure if I should spend the extra $200 for a bag that is almost the same size as the Pochette Accessories.. It will be my first LV (!!!) and so I'm putting a lot of thought into this. (I also won't be able to go to the store for another couple of weeks, so I won't be able to see it in person. :sad:)

hehe and while we're at it.. any general opinions about the Pochette Twin? I want a smaller purse for going out, and the Pochette Accessories is just so popular/knocked off. I haven't seen a single person with the Pochette Twin in real life- I just saw a couple of pictures on a LV lj community and fell in love with the "you can carry it in 3 different ways" thing. :biggrin:

hey Kattiepie..

i don't own it, but i eally like the style =)
the fact that not a lot of people own it always makes a plus..
i always try to buy purses that not a lot of people own (yet.. at least =P)

i think the extra 200 bucks is not only for the size dear.. it's for the style also.. this style is much more differentiable than pochete accesoire... my accesories is soo common that i use it as a make up pouch...

i think Honfelur is cute too =)) i love epi leather cuz it's so durable.. i think if u purchase it in black you can wear it to many things.. definetely worth the price difference...
My LV pochette twin GM was my first LV :biggrin:

In terms of style, I prefer the pochette twin over the accessories, but the accessories is a lot better in terms of practicality - you can fit slightly more in, and if you 'accidentally' :nuts: overload it every now and then, it won't ruin the button or stretch the canvas like with the pochette twin :Push:

I also think the epi honfleur is a good choice! I love epi leather :love: