LV Pochette Or Valentino Sandals?

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  1. Hey ladies. So i'm deciding which one i should pick. LV Pochette in damier azur or nude and black Valentino rockstud sandals? Decisions...


  2. Pochette because why would I pay so much for plastic (pvc) on my feet.
  3. +1
  4. It's good to know that I'm not the only one who makes decisions like this. I'm currently deciding between an Epi leather pochette or rockstud ballerinas. Go for the mini pochette, the sandals, whilst cute are not worth the money.
  5. Definitely pochette, I would never spend that much money on some pvc.
  6. And I think they will go on sale too.
  7. The sandals don't look comfy. Definitely pochette! I use mine so much I bought 3!
  8. Pochette is a better choice.
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    I will be different and say sandals as someone that has a pair. I have pink bow pairs from seasons back and love them to pieces. They are super comfortable. Lots of things we buy aren't worth the money, I mean the LV is just canvas.

    I would love these sandals in black. And I think they are a good deal. I saw Chanel jellies that were upwards of $500.00 haha!

    ETA: oh forgot to add I got mine on sale, like a hundred off. So they do go on sale.
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