LV Pochette Or Valentino Sandals?

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  1. Hey ladies. So i'm deciding which one i should pick. LV Pochette in damier azur or nude and black Valentino rockstud sandals? Decisions...


  2. Pochette since it will most likely last longer, can be worn all year round, and have a better resale value if you decide to sell.
  3. +1. Better value for money with the bag! More material for a start! :P You can probably find a look a like for the sandals, harder to do that for a LV bag.
  4. Def. LV pochette.
  5. Ouch...I say both. Sorry. You have lovely taste!!! I can see so many perfect summer outfits centered around both together. :coolio:
  6. Pochette for sure!
  7. Pochette.
  8. Pochette.
  9. :yes: :yes:
  10. Pochette !!!!!
  11. Valentino sandals! You can wear them everyday in the summer, the pochette is occasional.
  12. As gorgeous as the sandals are, I would vote for the pochette as well. If you live in a place where you experience all 4 seasons, then you can only wear the sandals a fraction of the year. The pochette is more value for your money.
  13. Pochette hands down.
  14. Pochette. I'm not feeling the sandals.
  15. Valentino sandals!