LV Pochette Metis

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  1. Is this bag hard to get? My loved one says its waitlist or sold out everywhere.
    Only one color/size?
  2. Only one color and size indeed. And I believe there is a waiting list all over the world. I'm on the waiting list now and it's about 6 weeks before I will get mine. I live in the Netherlands by the way.
  3. Yes, he's correct
  4. Hello ladies :smile: .... I got my PM today so i thought id join 'the club and wagon' haha. What a beauty. I got my speedy b 25 in mono only 4 weeks ago and now i wish id have got it in azur, i feel like i have 2 pretty similar bags now and loving the PM more . what do i do? .... Anyone here have also both of these? .... Btw idk how to post a pic here what a shame
  5. You have to get on a waitlist and pay half of the price of the bag as a deposit.

  6. Yes I had both and felt same way so I sold the speedy b25. Glad with my decision. Good luck!
  7. You can check the website from time to time, usually in the mornings, to see if the bag is available. A number of us have been able to place an online order and bypass the wait list. The bag is beautiful and I love using it. :smile:
  8. I'm going to call around in CA. I can't imagine it will be sold out everywhere. Was it a limited edition bag?
  9. I didn't know online indicates how many quantities are available.
  10. #10 Apr 30, 2016
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    My Saks SA had one available a few days ago. Not sure if he still has it. PM if you want his contact info.
  11. It is not limited just demand >supply at the moment. Perhaps once LV gets caught up with their backorders, the PM will be easier to get. I bought mine in BH- I lucked out in that the person who pre-ordered declined and my SA offered to me even though I was never on a waitlist. Sometimes you can get hard to find items just by being at the right place at the right time. Same thing happened with the mini Palm Springs backpack- I asked right after someone declined theirs. It helps to work with the same SA with all your purchases and they get to know you.
  12. It was available online today for over an hour. I got 2 within 2 weeks of eachother online as well (returned the first). There are waitlists up to hundreds but if you just check the web frequently then you'll find one soon..there are also many popping up on ebay now.
  13. I live in California and the closest LV botique is 3 hours away. I placed an order over the phone with LV a month ago. My Metis will be arriving Monday. 🎉🎉 So I suggest the best thing to do is preorder one over the phone. (1-866 number) The wait list is about a month but well worth it! Good luck!

  14. Same thing happened to me today! So lucky to bring it home.
  15. It doesn't. If any is available to be ordered online, you will see "place in cart". Otherwise, it will say "call for availability" which will redirect you to LV customer service's toll free phone.
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