LV much can it fit in there??

  1. I am thinking of getting LV white multicolor pochette as my first LV bag! What do you all think? How much can it fit? Anyone have pictures of how much pochette can hold? What is the lining of this bag like? Is it red, suede-like material? Sorry, so many questions because I'm new to LV....;)
  2. i have the white one too :nuts:! it was my very first LV:tender:. yes the lining is red alcantara, which is like suede :yes:

    i use my Pochette as an evening bag, and i can fit my cell phone, money, cards, makeup and keys into it
  3. I can fit a small wallet, cell, keys and lip gloss...the essentials.
  4. Is the "red alcantara" some kind of leather or is it just a type of fabric material? Thanks! :smile:
  5. alcantara is like suede
  6. i could fit my 2 nokia cellphones, gloss, and tissue..
  7. here is a pic of the pochette stuffed.
    Pic belongs to Irene.
  8. My very first one was the monogram :yes:
    I can usually fit my Ludlow wallet, cell, keys, lip gloss and a couple of pens in my pochettes.
  9. Thanks everyone! :smile: Thanks for the picture "Big fetish"...can't believe pochette can fit so much! I love the red lining too.
  10. I usually carry my cles (with # of keys fit to be a janitor), ludlow wallet, cell, lipstick in my pochette. It fits a lot considering its size!
  11. This is a great visual aid! It holds more than I thought.
  12. Irene was able to get more in her MC pochette than I could! I can only fit my cozy purse, keys, compact, and lip gloss. My keys are too damn big!
  13. I can fit the things in the pics below plus it leaves a little extra space for other stuff...uhhh car keys, small tube of hand lotion, a few pens? :shrugs: My house keys I store in my cles.
    0inside1.jpg 0inside2.jpg
  14. This is the best evening bag ever!! I think it actually fits more than it looks like it would fit...i have it in both multicolor and the brown monogram and i love them...the only thing is i bought a keychain that you can use as an extension for both of these on the strap to make it a little longer and i like that better then the shorter's a great bag!!
  15. Wow, karman....can't believe your pochette can fit that much!!!!:nuts: I really like one of your wallet. What's the name of it? I think I want to get a white MC wallet to match the pochette.