LV Pochette Accessoires

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  1. ok, with the party season in full swing, i need an evening bag.. and i think i have decided on this LV clutch in red epi leather. Will be popping into the store tmr. Yes? No? I thought the red is really glam. I know black would be a much more versatile choice but it's so boring!

    oh, i would so like a gold one too and saw a prada evening bag, but i'm not sure if the london store has one.

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  2. The charm comes seperately from the bag.. Prada and their ripping people off. :sad:

    I'm not sure if red is a current colour for the epi line either, I believe it was from a few seasons ago.. but let us know if you have any luck ! :amuse:
  3. the red epi is will definitely be able to find some on eBay through MPRS sellers...i've seen quite a few.
  4. Thanks. I was thinking the red epi would kinda be timeless as it is just a simple red clutch, nothing that fanciful and i think it would look great with black, as it is my staple esp when it comes to evening events!
  5. I vote yes on red Epi.
  6. Me epi!
  7. go for the red epi
  8. Red epi! And yes most Louis Vuitton stores still carry the least there's lots at the two here.
  9. I tend to like the Prada with charm as an evening bag, the red epi is alright too though.
  10. I have the black epi and it is very classic looking. I got the mocha for my sister last year at Christmas. But the red is just stunning. And if you're wearing black, the red will pop out. Besides red is a good luck color in my Italian family. I have a little "cozy purse" to carry license/card/money when I use the epi bag.
  11. Muppy,
    What color is your outfit? If you have a picture that would be even better.
  12. .
    Thanks. I love the clutch, it's so hard to find a nice red bag without looking too flashy. But I'm not too sure about buying off ebay. I think I will get it directly from the LV store, it's not that much more expensive in the store.
  13. here are my picks for evening bags:

    celine boogie night strass, $930

    prada leather pochette, $330

    lesportsac remix skratch, $48 (on sale)
  14. The red epi would look stunning!