LV Poche Toilette 26

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  1. Does anyone have this make-up bag? How do you like it? Would it fit into a speedy 30? Any pics would be great!
  2. I had a PT 26 and just sold it. They are very nice but I thought it was a little big for the Speedy 30 -- it's almost as tall, so it kinda sticks up out of the bag when the bag is unzipped and slouchy. I also have a PT 19 and it works nicely in the 30.
  3. Thanks 19flowers for your input! Any others would be great!
  4. I love my PT 26. I find it helps me organize my bags better. I do use it in my Speedy 30 and find it to be a good fit. I also use it in my Monty GM and it fits well in there too!
  5. I've seen people using them as clutches for years now. They're pretty big. Nice for travel or home.
  6. The PT19 would be better suited to the Speedy 30. :tup:
  7. Here's a few pics to help you decide.

    a) First pic shows the arial view (hee hee) of how it keeps things organized for me in my Speedy 30. I can easily access the items I constantly use - my wallets, agenda, cell, keys....

    b) Next shows the distance between the PT 26 and the top of the bag (Damier 30 still)

    c) Next up is the organization in the Monty GM...

    d) You can see how in the Monty GM the fit is looser and better...

    e) And a group shot to get a bit of perspective on the sizes...

    The 30 is a tighter fit, but I like it for how it helps keeps things organized; keep in mind I do not pull it out of the bag - it's more of a purse organizer in there. I also like how the PT 26 gives it some structure but when I hold it there's still some sag (I love the sag)...

    In the Monty GM the fit is much roomier and I can still keep the organization that I like (as I don't like searching for what I need, but I LOVE big bags)....

    On a side note the PT 26 does make a FABULOUS clutch! I used it as one not too long ago for travel (was really helpful as the eve clutch I had brought was too small for everything I wanted to carry!).

    Hope this helps!!!

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  8. I have the PT 19 and LOVE it!!
  9. I think the 19 size would be perfect. My toilette 19 holds a ton too!
  10. I have a PT 19 and it works great in all my bags! :smile:
  11. I would recommend the 26. I had one, but sold it for a pochette.
  12. PT 26 is good with Spedy 40
  13. I have a PT19 and love it to death! It can hold a ton. If you don't need so much stuff to be held, then I would go with the 19 instead of the 26