LV PM never full tote

  1. I need opinions on this tote. I really want a chanel pst, but I'm not able to get it right now.

  2. i like this tote. It's very casual and for everyday use. It's perfect. Get it!
  3. It's cute!!
  4. cute! but i personally prefer the mm.
  5. I agree... get the mm size. I have mm... so easy to use..:tup:
  6. Great Tote at a good price
  7. I have the PM. It holds quite a lot. I absolutely adore it. It's bigger than the dimensions suggest. I guess whether or not to get the PM or MM depends on your preference or body proportions. I am 5'3 and 135 pounds. Here's me holding my PM the day I got it.
  8. I love the Neverfull. I personally prefer the MM (which is what I have). It's cute & can hold a bunch of stuff.
  9. it's cute ... I have the GM that I use for my laptop.
  10. The neverfull is a great bag.
  11. Its a very usefull and cute bag,The best size is MM
  12. i have the mm and i use it for school =D
  13. i think the pm is a super cute bag. it was actually one of the ones i was thinking of b/c its a shoulder bag. u should definitely get it if u need a fix and don't mind not saving for the chanel yet!
  14. I love the PM but the only problem is that the handles/straps are not long enough for me to carry over my shoulders comfortably if I have a jacket on. The MM should be more comfortable on the shoulder but not for me since I am only 5'2 and would look way too big on me.
  15. I like it! I saw a woman at Best Buy earlier with this size. I have the MM because I prefer bigger bags but I think the PM is cute!!