LV Playing Cards

  1. Hi everyone,

    I just bought the LV playing cards yesterday (AU$120 for 3 decks). Is anyone getting these for themselves or as a gift? I didn't know these were being released! I also envied though lucky enough to get them as a VIC gift (but they're MC aren't they?). Does anyone know if these are limited? I didn't even think to ask :p
  2. Interesting, I didn't know you could buy those! Both the mono and the MC ones were VIC gifts.
  3. The cards I got were in a blue, yellow and red deck I think. Were the edges of the corners of the VIC gift cards gold? You know, like the agenda pages. I think this is a cute xmas gift that's "affordable" for LV standards.
  4. Yes, they're the ones! Except they come in a set of three.
  5. Interesting info.:rolleyes:
  6. Yeah I think they broke the set up and are selling them separately. Good find!
  7. Very cute!
  8. I got them in September I don't think they are limited, haven't used mine but it's nice to have them
  9. September?! Gosh that was ages ago, sorry I'm so behind :p

    What's with the rolling eyes? :confused1:
  10. Yeah, it's been out for a while.. was gonna get that for my 48hours train trip, but decided not too just in case someone stole them on the train.. that would be a disaster.
  11. congrats!!! I think they're cute!
  12. Cute!!! .. what is up with the eye rolling?
  13. These are so cute, congrats :heart:
  14. i think so many random new people are finding TPF now..there are so many people being rude on here all of a this is a happy place dang it!! lol

    i saw the cards the other day at my boutique..they're really nice..they'd make a nice gift too!!