LV playing cards...where to get them?

  1. One of the members here bought them and I fell in love! Does anyone know if LV stores carry them (never seen them until a few days ago)? And how much are they? If you have pics, please post!

    Thank you!
  2. how about ebay?
  3. I did search on Ebay but I don't like dealing with it though! They have one listing and the seller wrote that the cards were given as VIP gifts only? How did one of the members get it then? She didn't mention anything about it being a VIP gift.
  4. Just called the store and the SA told me that the cards are not sold in stores but only given out as gifts! Oh, well...
  5. They are gifts from awhile ago, you would only be able to get them off ebay. I got the murakami ones recently and they just arrived and they are soooooo cute! Ebay is fine if you buy from a good seller.