LV playful rituals

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  1. What is one special thing you do with a beloved LV, that you do with no other bag?

    My example: With Mono Speedy 30, I find myself holding her in my lap when I drive.
    (all other bags get demoted to the passenger seat or the floor).

    I sometimes even talk to her, like when I'm leaving an unpleasant situation (WORK), I'll gather up my things, put Speedy on my arm and say (aloud yet to myself), "OK, Louie....we are outta here!" :nuts:

    Anyone have a LV ritual to share?
  2. My LV bags are the only ones I take out and wipe down with baby wipes (canvas only, never the vachetta). And I try to avoid using them if it's going to rain. Other bags I never really gave a second thought about the weather unless it was my vintage all leather Coach bags from years ago. Lately with the bad weather here in S. Florida, I've had to "bag" my LV bags with plastic shopping bags when I was shopping at the grocery store and Home Depot.:biggrin:
  3. I take my Eva to work most of the time in my lunch tote, when I take her out to get my lotion and lip balm I prop her up & just stare, such a little beauty. I love my Eva:blush:
  4. I hug my
  5. I will not put my lv bags on the floor, if I am out somewhere for dinner or lunch my lv bag has to have her own chair:biggrin:
  6. my bags never touch the floor, rarely ever hard surfaces and i wipe them down with baby wipes daily :biggrin:
  7. I'm am... A bag sniffer. I love the New LV smell. No floor for me either. And I hug too.
  8. I take my LV out for decaf coffee at night. No one can see her but I can. I also hug her when I sit down somewhere. The chair thing is a must. :P
  9. I sniff does Dh HAHA!
  10. ^lol I think we must all secretly sniff.
  11. My LVs always get their own chair when we sit in restos lol
  12. I wouldn't call it a ritual, but my favourite bags get the cleansing and moisturizing/leather protection treatment more often, since I do not have time to ensure equality, LOL. They get the extra attention.

  13. it sounds crazy, but I'm the same way not only with my LV.. LOL! :lol:
  14. :lolots: it's good to know that it's not only me n my dbf thats doin this.. hahahahaha
  15. Haha I agree, but I wouldn't recommend doing it in the shop..SA looked at me kinda funny today when I stuck my head in a bag and went "ahhh" :P