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  1. I'm purchasing a LV planner - can't decide if I want the mini, small or medium size. I carry the MC Speedy 30 every day. Which size of planner works best for you?
  2. I plan on getting an agenda/planner thing soon too! I want the Large Damier ring. I just cant see telling my self to "Do Math" on $50 paper lol...

    I would get the small ring MC to match but maybe the opposite color of your speedy
  3. I think the small size works best. It fits in most purses without taking up much space, it also has enough space to write in (which was a complaint of someone with the mini).
  4. I've been using the mono medium size planner for years now. I :heart: it.
  5. I would also get this one!:yes:
  6. [​IMG]

    I have this one, I :heart: it! Perfect size IMO, not too big, not too small. Yet I'm able to write in it comfortably. :yes:
  7. I have a small epi mandarian agenda and it works well.
  8. Say you're on the go and you want to write down some thoughts/notes/phone numbers. You reach in your bag, pull out your pen and agenda. Open the agenda and....

    Which size will fit best in your hands? I have small hands but found that it's easier to balance the medium sized agenda in my hands while taking notes. The small one can be a little awkward when trying to write in it because the rings can get in the way.

    Try them out in the store! And look closely at the dimensions to figure out which one would fit best in your bags.
  9. I have the small in Damier and I think it's perfect.
  10. i have the medium agenda in Monogram Mat, and i think that size works best for me. it's much easier to write in.
  11. Because I love planners and could not decide on size either I have many LV Agendas in varying sizes. Mind you, I mainly use a Palm electronic organizer.... I'd love to have the black MC Agenda GM... That would complete my Agenda fixation. Oh and a red vernis PM... I'm sick. I know.
  12. Does anyone have the mono desk agenda? Really want to get this, but i don't know if it will be too big.
  13. I have a black monogram mat agenda in medium EXACTLY like yeuxhonnetes' -- I coveted hers so much after seeing her photos!! I went to the boutique to try out all the different sizes, and the small was definitely too small for me to practically write in. The medium is a good size -- not too small, but not too big! it fits in my Speedy 30 perfectly, along with all my other stuff.
  14. oooh you got it :rochard:! now we're agenda twins :yes: