lv pics - for you to see...

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  1. lovely items - super gorgeous!

    just posted the pics - i don't have the list of names..sorry:p

    i want the neverfull damier and d.azur or berkeley!
    lv.jpg lv3.jpg lv4.jpg lv5.jpg lv6.jpg
  2. more..
    lv7.jpg lv8.jpg lv9.jpg lv10.jpg lv11.jpg
  3. and more!
    lv12a.jpg lv12.jpg lv3.jpg lv13.jpg lv14.jpg
  4. those have been posted before! But thanks, I can never get enough of LV!
  5. thanks so much, love the purple epi and gold heart. umm.... i'm waiting to see the whole mirror collection. the gold looks lush
  6. :o!!!! MIROIR HEARTS!
  7. the first one's are from the fall winter summary 2007 thread the seconds and third from the spring summer summary thread which is running now in the reference section
  8. Hi, I dont mean to be rude but I think we should stick to one thread for the S/S items IMO because if everyone decided to post pics they like, I think there would be havok on the forum. there is allways the random pics thread and then the S/S thread :flowers:
  9. can't wait for those hear coin purse. thanks for the pic.

  10. oh my sorry im just new here..
    well, i just wanted to share the pictures :sad:
  11. Thanks for posting the pictures. However, since these pictures have been previously posted, this thread will be closed. Please do a search for the original post with these pictures.

    Thanks :smile:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.