LV pick up in store - Europe travel

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  1. Has anyone done the reserve online and pick up in store in Europe? I live in the US and I will be traveling in two days and was hopeful to reserve some things over there (Italy or London). Do you know if I can still get the Vat refund? Any help would be appreciated!
  2. Do you mean click and collect? Whereby you pay online and just have the item sent to store?
    I don't believe you are entitled to one as you'd be billed on placing the order in USD.
    Could you not have the item reserved beforehand in store? I'll be in the Sloane Street store in London on Wednesday if you need any stock checked :smile:
  3. I wouldn't do it through the website. I would call the UK or IT customer service number and do it over the phone.
  4. I wont be in London til next Tuesday. My mom is on the hunt for the pochette acc in black epi leather. Id love if you could check it out! Apparently they are sold out in the US? Ill try calling the customer service number as well!
  5. is this the right one? there seems to be at least two online for the UK, so that's promising.
  6. Which London LV do you recommend most, or do they all carry different items? I had Harrods, Selfridges, Bond st as possible stops to visit.
  7. I've found they all carry different items and all have different stock levels.
    I've had the best customer service at the department stores, so both Harrods and Selfridges - the SA's there really couldn't help enough. The stand alone stores, on the other hand, I found were awful, but had more stock.
    New Bond Street staff really were not attentive, but they seem to have the best stock levels as it's the flag ship store.
    Sloane Street I found to be a bit of a mix, not a very busy store, so usually has quite good stock levels. But I've found some of the staff to be a bit hit and miss.

    Sorry if that isn't much help, I guess it's up to you whether you want the customer service! But personally, I would recommend the Selfridges and Harrods stores for you to definitely try and purchase from first, and if that fails, try Bond Street.
  8. Thank you so much! That's very helpful. Since I'm looking for mostly classic items I'll start at the department stores because I'd rather feel comfortable asking to see another item if the first one they pull out isn't perfect (It's my first bag purchase, so I'd like it to be as perfect as possible). Then maybe I'll stop in the other locations to see if they have any limited edition mini pochettes etc. Or just wait for my day trip to paris for a slg souvenir