LV photo holder

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  1. I'm thinking about getting the photo holder but I can't decide which color, and 2 photo or 4 photo? I think once I have it, I'll for sure think of 4 good photos to put in so I should go for the 4.

    I also haven't seen the inside of it. Does anyone have a pic of the inside of theirs?
  2. I like them but they're pricey for as little as they are so I don't think many people have it. The inside pic is from the Vuitton site.
  3. I like them but like LVbabydoll said they are expensive for what they are. You can get it in MC too.
  4. It's so cute!!!! I like the 4 photo holder the most and in MC.
  5. I think they are cute but just don't seem worth it. I'm sure you could find some sort of insert that would fit in an LV agenda that would hold photos.
  6. I would get the 4 photo - even if you only had three nice pics to use you could always do something fun or special to get the "last" photo to complete the set of 4.

    MC Black w/ 4 is my!!
  7. I too was thinking about getting the 4 Photo Holder in MC but it is $565 and the 2 Photo Holder in MC is $285.

    Geez, I wonder why they are SO much considering they are only 2" in Length x 2.5" in Height.
  8. I think it's great. I've got the 2 photoholder in White MC and it's so cute. It fits passport sized photos which is fine, and it can slip into a wallet or cles. Sorry about the blurry pics, I took them on my phone
    0793.JPG 0795.JPG 0796.JPG
  9. The photo holder is really cute, but if I share my photos often w/ people then I would get. I still have that Sanrio Hello Kitty plastic photo holder from high school.....LOL!
  10. Nice photo holder! :tup:
  11. Ahhh, your pictures make me feel like I NEED one now.

    It is so pretty!

    Thanks for posting.
  12. These are cute, but pricey!!!!
  13. How much do they cost? :confused1:
  14. The mc photoholder has been on my wish list for a long time. But it is very pricey so I always end up getting something else. I am wishing for one for Christmas from my kids (ha ha my daughter is watching what I am typing so I hope she'll get the hint!):graucho:
  15. I'm not that worried about the price/value. I think it's really cute and practical. I just got married and I run into people all the time that I wouldnt email photos to but that do ask to see wedding photos (clients, associates, neighbors that know I just got married). Id love to keep some photos around just for fun and to show.

    Also, down the road, I could use it for pics of the kids! My husband would be so scared if he read this post! LOL.