LV phone cases

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  1. Anyone know if LV has a case planned for iPhone 5? An LV case would be so cute!
  2. Its its anything like the previous sleeve I would pass :S
  3. I tried the sleeve and thought it was way too stiff. I bought the phone case for iPhone 4 and I love it! It has a pretty gold-tone chain on the back and it looks like a little LV sleeping bag for my phone :hbeat:
    Phone Case.jpg
  4. I don't like sleeves for the phone so I wouldn't get one. Plus Marc Jacobs and Kate Spade make amazing phone cases so I would rather buy that than a sleeve. Although the one above is really cute to look at!
  5. I'm way too prone to dropping my phone to be able to use a sleeve :sad:
    I drop it at least once or twice a day.
  6. Do you think it would fit the 5? It's not that much bigger.

    I wish there were a half open cases like the Kate spade cases. There are tons of fakes online that look cute but I could never buy a fake anything
  7. Have you checked out the offerings of other companies such as Burberry or Hermes? They usually tend to have really nifty cases for electronics.
  8. I have this case and just got the iPhone 5. Unfortunately, it doesn't fit. :sad:
    The iPhone 5 is longer and the pouch won't snap closed.
  9. I'm not surprised - my 4 barely fits. I wish LV would keep up with the (electronic) times.
  10. I'm kinda on the fence because I would like an LV case, but I'm not sure how they could make them not look tacky. I guess since I used to seeing the fake ones on eBay I'm not sure how they could look more elegant. :thinking:
  11. i have the sleeve in damier graphite fot my 4s and although it can be a hassle when you're active on phone, the case is very well protecting my iphone, it fell couple of times and my iphone still look great, no physical damage at all
    although on busy days i would exchange it with an open cover for easy access
  12. The fake ones have too much on them. I'd like just a plain DA case that covers the back and sides. No extra details. Hoping they make one!
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    Wow! It's soooooo lovely!:heart: May I know the product id of that cute little babe? I have no plan to upgrade my 4s to 5. And I'd like to buy a nice sleeve/case for my faithful 4s. :biggrin:
  14. I used to have one for my iPhone 3g, but hated not being able to use it while it was in the case. It just became a hassle to have to pull the thing out every time I wanted to use the phone, which is actually harder than it seems due to the tight fit LV designed it for.