LV PH too big????

  1. UGH, so my boyfriend and I were out the other day and he says my PH looks like a suitcase and its way too huge! He says he likes smaller purses for women. OMG! :tdown:

    Usually I don't care what people think but this one kinda annoyed me. So now I am looking for a smaller bag. I was thinking about a pochette accessories, but everyone has one of those, then I thought, well maybe the pochette accessories in black in epi.

    I'm so mad.... :sad:
  2. Hmm, I actually think the PH is kind of small! I guess I really do love BIG bags, then. It's not really very fair of him to limit you to small bags...what if you need to carry daily necessities? Sorry, I digress. The epi pochette is very nice and comes in great colors...that's great choice! If you need something to hold more things, the Honfleur is great, but I can't quite remember if it's already been discontinued. Good luck!
  3. Yea, and he is always so happy when I have stuff he wants or needs - coughdrops, kleenex, pens, chapstick, let's not forget "Hon can you put my phone in your purse?" UGH. I'm going to get 1 or 2 small bags to appease him, then when I can't carry anything he will see why us women carry larger purses - to hold our stuff! It won't take long bc he is always asking for something from my purse. But I do kind of see his viewpoint, all my purses are HUGE. So maybe adding a few smaller ones isn't such a bad idea.

    Right now I'm carrying a small purse for necesseties and then a small tote bag that has all the other things in it. At least I can just grab the small purse and run into the store, etc. and leave the other one in the car. UGH men....
  4. Could you tell me what the PH is? I'm not sure :sad:
  5. PH = Popincourt Haut

    I don't think it's too big at all! I actually think it's on the smaller side.
  6. Ah yes! Thanks, sorry.. I don't see PH used very often :smile:

    I would say the PH is an average sized bag... don't let others affect what you like.
  7. Sorry, PH is the Popincourt Haut. I love that bag!!!!
  8. The Popincourt Haut BIG? Don't think so! I totally love big bags, but I don't think the PH is a huge bag. It's a normal size!
  9. PH is small!
  10. Are you kidding me? That is one of the SMALL bags.
    I mean I guess if you compare my bags to some of the people's I've seen (i.e. those tiny little card case looking things on a LONG strap), then yeah it's big. But in general, it's a small bag.
  11. I think it's small....i love the way it looks but I've never considered it because I like a big ol' bag....does he need to have his vision checked?? lol!
  12. He is silly! That is a small bag! Come home with the neverfull GM and then he will LOVE your PH! LOL!
  13. the popincourt haut is a suitcase ?

    No way its on the small size.
  14. To the OP: that's me in the picture. (Bag Fetish I love your watermark! :tup:)
    I'm 5'7" and although I'm not small or anything I do weigh about 124 lbs...this bag is in no way TOO BIG!! To me, since I started off with very small LV purses, this is a medium-sized purse to me. And who cares what your boyfriend thinks...he shouldn't even be complaining if he throws HIS things in there!!

    If he thinks it looks like a's probably the tiniest suitcase I've ever seen in my whole life.
  15. ^^ just thought I'd let people know its not my photo :smile:

    BTW the bag looks great on you, congrat's again.