Lv Perle Nimbus Pm!!!!

  1. Went to LV K of P(school shopping..heehee!)
    Saw the PM and GM PERLE ONLY..they didnt have the anthracite(BUMMER!)..I didnt buy it but I LOVED the blue grey tone to this bag..Gotta see the anthracite first too.ALSO.LOVED the PM size...FUN BAG!
    Also saw the TREVI GM..TOO CUTE!...BUT GINORMOUS!!!!!Like over night bag size hehe!It was a TDF bag though!

    The SA is so cool there..She LET me take pics for u all!HEHEHE!
  2. Wow i love it.
  3. Finally A Perle Nimbus Pm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Oh wait, you didn't buy it! lol I wrote before I read!
  5. Amazing bag! :drool:
  6. It's pretty, but tinier than I thought it would be....
    seems close to the other color, or maybe its the photo?

    Thanks for the pics!
  7. The other color is supposably alot darker...In all honesty..I found this color more of a summer color than a winter fall color.I would prefer the darker one I think....
  8. thanks jill for sharing!! i can't wait to see these in person and then decide. :smile:
  9. wow, perle. wow, PM.
  10. I prefer the anthracite color. Thanks for the pics!!
  11. Congrats Jill! Can you model for us? I would love to see modeling pics side by side of BOTH colors:smile:

    Okay just realized you did not buy it...but how wonderful for you to take pics for us...DUH...Blonde moment!
  12. Wow!! Nice colour.. thanks..
  13. Thanks for the pics! Love the colour
  14. Jill~ I hope you don't mind, but I am going to take your pic and compare to another tPF'rs and post the comparison in the referenc thread. That way we can see a difference. I don't know of any other way to get the pics side by side for a comparison as I do not have photoshop.
  15. Thank you for the pics- your SA is awesome!!

    Love the color but would prefer the GM :love: