LV perfume

  1. A while ago someone said they saw it during an lv event. Any further info about that?
  2. no, id be intereseted..
  3. i havent heard anything about it. i know they tried doing a cosmetics range many years ago and it didnt work, i doubt theyd try it again.
  4. I had also been wondering if they might launch a scent as most other labels do and Marc Jacobs has his own range. I'm sure it is just a question of when and they are probably developping it now.
  5. probably if they would 100ml would retail for 600USD or something like that lol
    I wonder which style would they have...
  6. I'm personally hoping LV sticks to what they know BEST, and that is handbags and luggage. There are SOOOO many other french designer parfums which have dominated the fragrance world for decades, I think it would look like LV was trying to mass market it's items into a juicy-couture like franchise....and I like juicy things too, but in my mind LV will always be the original luggage/ handbag makers....
  7. actually I would love it LV came up with their own fragrance I just love Designer fragances...
  8. Louis Vuitton has made fragrences before and I think it would be brilliant if they would reintroduce that again.
  9. could be a limited item, like the nail polish.
  10. They have? This is news to me! Can you tell me more please?
  11. news to me too.
    and i didnt think the nail varnishes were intended to be limited editions, id always thought it was to try and introduce a cosmetics range but it didnt work out.
  12. Hermes has a succesful (and amazing) range of scents, I don't see why LV shouldn't successfully make one too.

    The main problem for LV with cosmetics is that they only sell their goods in the LV stores. And people go to the LV store to leather goods mainly. For LV to successfully make those items it would have to do what Chanel is doing at the moment, selling cosmetics and scents outside of their stores. I think a perfume would be a much better choice than cosmetics as it could be introduced to faithful customers who spend a lot fo time in store nonetheless.