LV perfume ????????????????

  1. Have you heard of it ? When will it be launched ? What is its name ??? Will it be a unisex fragrance ? Thanks for all your answers ... Can't wait to smell it !
  2. I haven't heard anything about an LV perfume previously, but I'm going to ask my SA tonight. Tiffany's has a perfume, so why not Louis Vuitton? Sounds interesting!
  3. I can't wait to see it!
    it was a matter of time i guess until Lv released a perfume.
    I'm going to ask my SA about it too :yes:
  4. Are they really releasing a fragrance?
  5. LVMH owns lots of perfume houses, i dont think they have plans of launching a Louis Vuitton perfume yet.
    They always put articles in their LVMH magazine if they are launching or introducing something.
  6. they've sold perfumes in the past. i wouldn't be surprised if they launch one again.
  7. An old article from 2004 said they were collaborating with Guerlain on it. Guerlain is a subsidiary of LVMH, so that wouldn't be suprising, particularly since they are involved in the revival of the Pucci fragrance, Vivara (due to launch this Fall). The perfume blog, NowSmellThis usually has the scoop on upcoming fragrances and so far, there is nothing Vuitton related on the radar.

  8. the magazine on their website is often way behind their new releases
  9. I wonder how much it will be.
  10. as i said in the last post about th LV perfume i think it is a great idea from a financial viewpoint!! think about all those consumers that want something LV but cant afford it? a 75 bottle of perfurme they can handle! versace, gucci, cartier and a lot others have perfumes im excited LV is finnally goint to bring it back! :smile:

    I wonder what it would smell like!! :smile:
  11. Didn't someone mention seeing/smelling the new LV perfume at a private event?
  12. yes, wasn't it at the event in belgium?! :yes:
  13. ^ I saw that in a thread aswell! I want to know more!