LV Perforated Speedy

  1. Does anyone knoe where I can sell a Perforated Pink Speedy. I ended up with two of them and I don't need both. I really don't like eBay so I was wondering if there is anywhere else. :love:
  2. is returning the bag not an option? if not i'd second LV Rawks and try or eBay i think would be your only other option
  3. I hope you are not asking any of us to buy your bag..THAT IS NOT ALLOWED...thought you should no that
  4. I am not trying to sell my bag to anyone on this site I know it is not allowed. :mad:
  5. Thanks everyone who replied. I cannot return the bag it went over the 30 days for returns. At least that is what LV said. I will try poupetteluxe as I do not trust eBay. Thanks again:yes:
  6. Can you exchange one at LV? if it is in new condition I am sure they will let you get something else
  7. No I cannot exchange it because it had gone over 30 days and sccording to their policy no exchanges or returns after 30 days.:love:
  8. You can always try you local designer consignment store.~
  9. Good idea. I will look into it on Monday. Thank you we do have a few here in town.:love:
  10. :mad: hope your not MAD at me..I noticed you were new so I was just trying to help:cool:
  11. I would say that a consignment shop i a good deal.
  12. Consignment shops ask for a lot of money to sell your bag though. 30 to 40%. I'd try eBay. That seems the way to go.
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