LV Perforated Speedy

  1. Hi,

    I was wondering if the perforated speedy had "Louis Vuitton Paris" on the leaf? My sister bought the purse but hers does not have anything written on the purse. Is it fake?

  2. Whereas I haven't seen the perfo Speedy in person, all other Speedy's have something on the leaf.

    Not all LV's have "Made in Paris." Some are "Made in USA"
  3. Thanks! that was my first thought,too. I'm trying to find pics online to verify but I can't find any with a good shot of the leaf. Do you know anyone who owns a perfo speedy that I can PM?
  4. I believe there is no writting on the leaf just plain leather with 4 stiches each side total 8 stitches
  5. Thanks!
  6. well..where did she get it?
  7. I don't know... I didn't ask.
  8. no it doesn't have anything written on it
  9. Thanks MiroirPrincess!
  10. you are welcome! I had the same reaction but as long as I bought mine at the 5th avenue store, I didn't doubt about it lol
  11. post pics if you can. if its real, im glad your sis bought one its a hawt bag :P
  12. I love my green perforated speedy, it will make you smile!
  13. I have the pink one but am yet to use it:shame:
  14. I Love The Pink Perfo Speedy!
  15. [​IMG]


    Looks plain to me.