LV perforated or Gucci Pelham?

  1. Wasn't sure where to post this?LV or gucci? either way it is a month past my birthday and my fiance is making me make choice finally on what bag i want. Ive narrowed it down to 2 choices: the LV perforated orange speedy or beige mono(or) white guccissma white "pelham" Such different styles.Any advice?:huh:
  2. i have both! okay, not the perforated, but a speedy and a medium pelham in the chocolate guccissima. i love LV over gucci in terms of logos, but i like the pelham in the guccissima leather b/c it's subtle & such a great shape. the white is a hot color. can't get both?
  3. HA unfortunatly not.My fiance thinks that purses are "a waste of money" heaven forbid the thought.So he says the only time he will buy them for me is one every big holiday.I was really into the LV perfo but I really like the pelham just hoping it wont be too big i think the measurements are 19x11?Im only 5"4 i dont want it to dwarf me .
  4. LV all the way.
  5. Madly in love with the Perforated Speedy....go for it!!
  6. you will probably get biased opinions posting it in the LV Forum.
    May I move it to General Discussion for you?
  7. LV, LV, LV!!

    i think lv has better customer care 'in case' something happen to the product after you purchase. i bought gucci messanger bag and the zipper broke off after a few days, went back and complained to the girl who works there, horrible attitude and told me that there was nothing that they could do. she put the zipper back on and said it was fixed....trying to show me that "I" wasn't pulling the zipper right....well, she actually broke it for good right front of my eyes (which still was my bag that i paid alot of money for!) --- i asked for a refund and they said they didn't have a cash to give back to me then and i had to come back in 4-5 hrs. since then i haven't stepped back in there. grrrh!

    on the other hand, LV fixed a couple of my bags free of charge and they even cleaned my bags like they were brand new!! my fav SA always sends me cards for different occasions and calls me to say HI too. =)

    sorry about writing so much.... you'll love a speedy and you'll want more and more, trust me!! =D
  8. huh? GUCCI? WHATS GUCCI?!?!?.. Just JOKES!

    LV all the way!!!! yeah yeah!!
  9. I really like Gucci, but if it's the perfo LV, I say go with the LV!! =)
  10. Yeah I agree..if you have the chance to get the Perfo LV then do it. I've had my eye on a Gucci tote (the one that has the scarf threaded through the holes at the top) but I keep passing it up to get another LV. I just like LV's quality and service better.
  11. I don't like the perfo collection so I'll pick GUCCI!!
  12. I love the pelham!
  13. NO the PREFRO RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! get the speedy, i love both brands alot (due to my wallet size) i only buy lv because it is durable and quality and service etc. etc. think about what you would wear more and then decide
  14. get the pelham..i have it in brown guccissima medium size and the size looks pretty good on me (im only 5'2..haha so short i noe..-.-''). its very functional and subtle. the shape is so nice too! i dont exactly like the perfo line..but i will try to take sum pix wen i get my camera back on sunday for you~
  15. mariadeal ... the pelham over perforated if you had to ultimately choose. the shape and design are more a trendy-classic than the perf LV i think.

    dokugaku... isn't the pelham fantastic? i must have the same chocolate one as you, and i just fell in love with it the first time i saw it.

    ultimately, LV doesn't have the pelham shape, so i have to go with the latter.