Lv Pen

  1. Has anyone ever spent the money for a lv Pen for their agenda? Is it worth the $?:yes:
  2. I havent - but I think that they are worth it.
    That being said I would be really worried about losing it. I dont have a good track record with holding onto pens. The plus side is that they fit in the agendas perfectly so as long as you keep them in the agenda you should be fine.

    At the end of that ramble my point would be YES they are worth it.
  3. I'm sure they are worth it, but it's not a piece that I personally want to spend the money on.....someone has posted a great tiffany's pen that apparently fits the small agendas so I'm going to take a look at that soon b/c it's like $70......I get so busy and hectic @ work that I don't need to worry about losing a $250 pen, I think it would just give me more aggravation then pleasure.....
  4. ^^^^Oooo:huh: a Tiffanys pen! I didnt even think about that - its sounds like a fantastic option.... hmmm... I wonder if it comes in the signature blue? Uh Oh I feel the need to shop coming....
  5. i got a LAMY agenda pen for my damier koala agenda, and it only costs AUD$85 (around US&65) and fits perfectly!!!
  6. Lola24 you are fabulous! I found the pen!
    So for the Original Poster I changed my mind! I vote for the Tiffany & Co. Pen!!! :love: :love: :love:
  7. Great! How much is the Tiffany pen? Does it come in differnt colors? Also on the Koala Agenda do you know what color the lining comes in?
  8. Oh it does come in the Blue!!!!!that's the one I'm gettin if it fits!! someone brought it up in one of the other threads but I don't remember which one, it was just like yesterday, then I looked for in on, I think it's the purse pen....
  9. I would also choose the Tiffany pen over the LV pen.
  10. Not an item that i'd spend money on. I think a few people here have said you can get a perfect pen from for 6$

    I'd sooner spend the money on a bag/wallet
  11. I'm obsessed with using Staedtler pigment liner drawing/writing pens, since I will only use 0.1 mm tips... I wonder if it would fit in the agenda, though.

    Does anyone know the thickness of the LV pen tips?
  12. i will go to tiffany soon to take a look at the pen, didn't think about that though. good idea!
  13. That was me! I just couldn't justify spending $250 on a pen that I would probably lose. The Tiffany's one is MUCH more reasonable and it fits perfectly. And for those who were asking, the size pen I purchased does come in Tiffany blue. That's the color I bought :love:
  14. Hmmm...I went to Tiffany's and they had no pens that would fit. I spent $20.00 on the "walkie" pen from Neiman Marcus - fits perfectly.
  15. I got mine from their website. I just tried going there to post the link to the pen I have but I keep getting an error message :shrugs: