LV Pegase 60

  1. I've been looking at this model. I've also been wondering whether it fits in an airplane's overhead compartment? I doubt United would let it be a carry-on.
  2. Funny you ask -- I have been doing the same research re the keepall -- where the 55 is the largest that will fit in the overhead (or so I have been told). Sorry I couldn't be more helpful -- I am sure someone on here will know!
  3. That is true. That's why I want one of those.
  4. hey shoprodeo, you've been posting about so many bags since you got here, did you buy any yet? if so, please post pics!!
  5. I always bring my Pegase 50, I believe the 60 is too big, although I've never tried to bring mine. I believe the total dimensions must equal approx. 45"
  6. it takes me forever to decide...
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