LV Patina??

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  1. I purchased my LV speedy 30 at the LV boutique in the South Coast Plaza at the beginning of Nov. Granted I switch bags often, but I thought the handles would kind of be atleast a light golden by now. How long does it take?:amuse:
  2. It depends on its exposure to air and sunlight. If you'd like to get a patina faster, you could leave it out. Personally, I prefer the super light look, but to each their own !

    And here's some information about patina:
  3. That really is a great website about the patina .. thanks so much for that one :biggrin:
  4. Someone on another message board said they actually took their LV to a tanning salon to get it darker.
  5. I think that's a bit too much :lol: Have to say I'm a fan of patina too :amuse:
  6. wow...that is too much...i thought i was bad setting my bag out on the back patio to get a tan...but a salon?! :nuts:
  7. It sounds as if your bag hasn't seen enough sun yet to turn the golden-honey color so if you want to speed up the process, place it by a window sill or somewhere where there is a decent amount of sun and switch sides every hour or two so it patinas evenly.
  8. Thanks girls. I really appreaciate your help!
  9. I have a Batignolles Horizontal that I've carried several times a week since I bought in late October, and it's only now starting to go from pale beige to a peachy color.
  10. I received my speedy in December, took it to PV Mexico in January. While in Mexico with all that sun, my bag (the vachetta) is just starting to turn a light peach. Back home here, it will be a few more months before I see the sun. :sad: I must be one of the few who love the look of new vachetta as opposed to those who like it pantina'ed...
  11. I love the look of a new vachetta, not too new but I like it new.