LV patina process. Does it ever stop? (ro)

  1. or it will just continue until it reaches that black / brown color? I'm curious if a leather shop can stop patina once it has reached that perfect color.
  2. I had one that turned a golden walnut brown patina actually was shinier and smoother as it matured.
  3. I wish I could stop it. No way I know of to do that.
  4. I don't think so. It will get really dark like dark chocolate. Not sure if it ever stops really.
  5. i loveee when it turns chocolate brn/black.....
  6. i would PAY to be able to prevent it completely :yes:
  7. :yes:
  8. yeah i wish theres a way to keep it light like new...uhmm somebody know how long will it stay light?some said 6 mons if not used regularly?what do you guys think??
  9. im sori.. what's patina process?? been wondering for a while :sad:
  10. The patina process means the leather part of your bag turns darker with age.
  11. Mine lasted for more than a year since I didn't use that bag.
  12. if u use it every day how long do u think it takes for it to start to darken...because i cant wait for mine to start...i love the look of the handles when they get a nice shade of brown!!
  13. Thanks all. I guess when the time comes, when the handles are dark brown / black, I'll look into getting them replaced.
  14. Hmm...since it's untreated/uncoated cowhide leather, could you maybe take it to a leather specialist and see if they could apply a protective coat to it? I know some leather handbag repair shops apply a special protective glaze over handbags after they clean and repair them. Maybe they can apply a protective glaze over the vachetta for you once it reaches the patina you desire or maybe you can even get the coat applied before it patinas if you like it super pale and white.:yes: Just make sure you ask them to apply a non yellowing glaze. Some glazes and coats out there react with the UV light and yellow the leather over time.
  15. You can replace the vanchetta! : )