LV Passenger Club

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  1. Since I have seen so many pictures of your LVs in the passenger seat, I thought we should have a club.

    Please share your LV passenger seat photos here!
  2. Here is my ebene speedy 30 on the way home from work yesterday.

    Attached Files:

  3. Ha ha! Great Club. I am guilty of this "pose" for many of my bags, lol!

    Epi Petit Noe:


    Eden Speedy:


    Sunset Blvd Amarante:

  4. Fun clubhouse! I'll have to take some more pics for this!
  5. [​IMG]

    Oh love this thread! Alma MM
  6. [​IMG]

    Speedy 35
  7. Strap those babies in! Geeze at any moment, you might have to slam on your brakes and your little lvoe would go flying into the dash!!! :roflmfao: I'm going to have to take a pic of one of mine being all safe, tightly strapped in where I can always reach for her LOL!
  8. :giggles: ok will do!! Click or ticket!
  9. :roflmfao: Hehehe my DB is a cop and he said that all of you better make sure your babies are safe or he is going to pull you over and give you a ticket! :police:
  10. Idylle speedy in fusain :smile:

  11. Great thread!
    I'll post here soon:smile::smile:
  12. My Bloomsbury PM today.

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  13. Ooooh I wanna join lol..

    Here's my speedy 30 and my cosmetic pouch

    My NF MM with multicolor bandeau


    Neo Cabby Noir MM


    Artsy MM


    NF MM again with Murakami Camouflage bandeau

    Monty GM w/ pastilles charm
  14. image-3986674961.png

    Here's my passenger today - my Mono Riveting! Perfect bag for my pedi today, holds my Kindle for relaxing and reading.
  15. the day we came home: mono petite rayure noe