LV party, what to get?


What should I do?

  1. Get shoes! (Please post suggestions)

  2. Get the hat box PM!

  3. Get hat box or suitcase keychain!

  4. Get something small, like a scarf, just for the heck of it!

  5. Get nothing, save up!

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  1. I'm thinking I might want to get *something* during the LV event, but I can't make up my mind about what as the store hasen't really got *THE* items I'm looking for at the moment, not the shoes I want, no the wallet not anything basically. The only exception is the hat box, but as I can get that *anytime* I don't know if this is the right time. I also would like to have it painted, but don't know if it's possible.

    So, to get advice from the always lovely, wise and enabling tPFers, I made this poll. Feel free to post own suggestions also, but keep in mind that especially regarding scarves, shoes, belts, the selection is limited to the "regular" collection. :sad:(That is unless they bring up some surprises from my wish list.)

    Please help!
  2. Well I would at least get something small or the hat box since everything else isn't there for you, kinda cuts down your choices...
  3. i agree. something small, but the hatbox sounds useful
  4. If there's nothing there you are really wild about, I would wait and get something small at the event just for fun!
  5. Damier Azur 6 Keyholder?
  6. I would go for shoes. Really cute boots or heels.
  7. i totally know what u mean. we have an event tonite and i bought a ocuple of things- but not really anything i WANTED!!! palermo- gone! sooooo whats a girl to do? oh buy a little something. after all its LV!
  8. If nothing catches your eye or is a must have, just save up for something great in the future!
  9. Hatbox, I have always adored those! I am just curious where are you located and which LV is having the lovely party?
  10. hatbox! since it seems to be the only item your store has in stock that is on your wish list. its such a beautiful item!
  11. I wouldn't get something just for the sake of getting something. Occasionally when I've bought something I didn't really need or wasn't totally mad about, I've actually ended up using it more than I thought I would, but it doesn't happen often ... mostly that sort of thing ends up taking up space in a drawer. I'd wait for something you can't live without.
  12. I say save up since you're unsure of what to get unless there's something that you see that you just gotta have.
  13. I would wait until there's something you REALLY want:yes:
  14. I would at least get a cles or something... if you want the hat box then go for it!!
  15. i totally agree with what she said. but surely your boutique would have a few special pieces sent over for the party. what if you have something transfered over for you and you can just buy it on the night?