LV party Feb 7 in Toronto, anyone going?

  1. I just got the the invite for it last night. Its for the Pomme d' Amour launch -Any tPFers attending?
  2. Lucky you~~~:sad:
  3. Hey Lisa,

    Hey another Torontonian - I was wondering who else was here.
  4. i wish i got invites! geez... congrats! bring pix back!
  5. A hair colourist for Civello Aveda that I used to work with asked if I wanted to go instead of her, but I couldn't plus I doubt that the invitation is transferrable. So now she's going but she's going to let me know how it goes.
  6. Bradysmom,

    Sorry dont know your name - usually they invite you and a guest, maybe u can tag along with her?
  7. My name's Heather :smile:

    Ooh, I'll ask her about that. She might not have even thought of that.
  8. Nice to meet you Heather! Let me know if you are going.
  9. Nice to meet you too! I will let you know. I'm going out for coffee with her tonight!
  10. Hmmm. I ususally get invites! I have not recieved anything yet! :shrugs: Anyways if I DO get an invite (:p) I will definitely be going, I want a mono carryall and a pomme cles anyways, so I will get them that night if I go! :yes:
  11. hmmm....I'm still waiting for my mail to come in..... My SA said they already sent them out (from new york cuz they don't do the mailing stuff)......:shrugs:
  12. Wish i was going!!Have LV fun!!
  13. I usually get my invites later than other ppl who get them - this is the first time in a year that I got one early LOL
  14. Anyone else going?
  15. That's my store! Wish I were in Toronto for the event.