LV party and Madonna pics!

  1. i just found them, i guess party was in japan yesterday with new Madonna pics!!:P :heart:

    have you seen them??
    10010092631.jpg 10010092585.jpg 10010092589.jpg
  2. So could the rumor be true?? Is Madge going to be the new face of LV?
  3. :smile: i read she was at this party too!!! :yes: i guess it was true!
  4. Dear old Madge and Louis, who would've thought? :girlsigh:
  5. Yikes, I love Madge, but my gawd...the last pic looks like she's at the Gyno!:wtf:
  6. Thanks for the pics, Sophia!
  7. :lol:
  8. <-- thought the same :lol:
  9. Madge is awesome, got to love her.
  10. I love the idea of having Madge be the new face of LV but I do not like that last picture of her at all. It look so classless. :yucky:
  11. Oh interesting.. but yes, I also agree on the last photo. It's not all that.. flattering.
  12. pics thanks for posting them! I love always see her carrying LV around...I like when they pick celebrities who love the product.

  13. LOL!!! sorry, I love her too, but I'm gonig to have to agree!! :lol:
  14. Agreed. Although, I do love Madonna.
  15. Yucks. I pity LV and Madonna. Yucks.