LV "Parties"?

  1. Do any of you go to the "parties" that your LV store holds? I just got an invite to one here in May but unfortunately due to distance and work I have never had the chance to go to one.:cry:
    I assume they showcase new bags and what is coming in?
  2. They actually show you the bags first before it comes out to the general public.
  3. Ugh! I wanna go! Too bad I'm not VIP.

    btw, when I read the title, at first I though you meant fake "purse parties" lol
  4. I'd love to go.. but also not a VIP, and probably won't be one for many years.
  5. I am not a VIP either. No invites for me.:sad2:
  6. I'm sure I'm not a VIP - my SA must arrange to get them sent to me.
    I wanna go even more badly now to see the new bags!:sad:
  7. dont forget the free food and champagne!
  8. I've been invited twice, both were shoe events I think. And I'm not a fan of LV I didn't go. Oh, and for one event, my SA had mentioned that the bags start at $5K. That scared me away.
  9. I posted this in another topic too but there are 2 tiers of parties, store openings and some sales events, then the 2nd tier are the ones typically covered in magazines. I've been to a couple store openings before but that's about it.
  10. When you go to these LV parties, are you expected to buy something or put a bag on hold or is it just merely a "thank you - come look at our new stuff to possibly buy in the future" kind of vibe?
  11. Well I've only been to one, no one pressured me to buy anything, but there were definitely people there buying before it came out!! I felt a little weird about it bc I had no money at the time, but everyone was nice to me, so it was just me.
  12. I think it's "encouraged" but not necessary, though sometimes they *may* offer something limited that wouldn't normally be offered. I've never had that happen but when my mom and I went to the opening of the Fashion Valley store down here in 04', she bought her marshmallow vernis Petronia and my Ellipse PM.
  13. I received my invite too but I won't be going:lol: I think it is just to showcase the mono charms range, pink/green denim .. nothing new really and to drink (but my SA always offers me champers when I am at the store and I don't even drink:nuts: ) and thus encourage clients to purchase even more LV.
  14. Hee hee. I have been invited to the shoe events, too. I wanted to go but, VF is a 45 minute drive, one way.
  15. What qualifies you to be VIP ?