Lv paris receipt size

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  1. Hi

    Just like to check with lv experts, i asked a friend to buy an Lv bag for me in Paris, is the receipt from Lv paris big size ( a4?) , usually its a bit shorter so was wondering if anyone has this type of receipt. Appreciate any reply:smile:

  2. Great question. I'm looking forward to seeing the answer too.
  3. I bought one item, a handbag, at the Champs Elysee store and it is a large A4 receipt, folden 3 times like a business letter and put in the usual brown receipt holder. And because I paid with a credit card, a little recceipt was stapeled to the top of it.

    When I buy something from the Frankfurt Germany store, it is always a smaller, folded once receipt.
  4. I think in France they have always the A4 format. I have several receipts of my purchases from France (Paris, Strasbourg, Nice) and always A4.
  5. It's a4 in the UK also, maybe it's a Europe thing?
  6. Last year in Germany, France and Belgium mine were all a smaller size receipt.
  7. Just curious as to why you are asking. Do you think your friend bought it from an alley vendor and not at the boutique?
  8. In Turkey it is also A4 folded 3 times like a business i guess same as France and UK
  9. +1 lol!
  10. I was wondering that too lol.

  11. Lol! I wondered the same.
  12. A4 here also in Australia;) but they used to be smaller in 2013.

  13. I was thinking the same thing! I was like I hope your friend isn't a tpf'er........
  14. Hahahahah! Thanks for the replies:smile:

    I sold the bag and the buyer was asking so wasn't sure about receipt sizes in paris:smile:
  15. Oh okay! :smile: